hey guys, a few of you may of realized that i am on semi-permanent hiatus from the phandom and i have decided to make this permanent. The phandom has alot of ‘drama’ which seems to be getting worse and overall may not be the best fandom to be in so i have decided to leave. I may come back but im not 100% sure. I’ve had this blog for almost a year and i was about to reach 6k followers so massive thank you for that. I want to thank you all for being amazing and for all the friends i have made you all awesome as frick<3

Massive shout out to Dnhowell, Phanphanphan, Analzingphil, Hasmywishcometrueyet, phanisathing, troyeangle, dansgotsass, phanrocksmycrocks and philplz for being the most amazing people ever (sorry if i missed you out) 

you’ve all been the coolest homies ever and i love you all :*

my new url is pyromanicfires, its the same blog as whatwoulddanhowelldo just changed url

bye cuties :* (feel free to unfollow me)